画一幅佛像 修一颗心

以 画 佛 为 舟,度 尘 世 之 心,愿 世 界 祥 和 安 宁




      After day, after infinite sky and the earth open, if all things grow. People fear of heaven and earth, and brought up in the nature, the in the mind begins as faith, worship behavior. Wild times, tribal clan in distribution and social life, life habit gradually civilization, began to evolve. Early in the beginning, after the reverence to nature, began to produce images, of faith, look up at the sky, thanks to the Japanese liters of the east, and at the beginning of the human material, the economy, the relationship between the clan and the clan, if a man is to dodge, regional competition, began to invade small, weak crush, let humans began to fear, to need to rely on the mind, so more into a layer of faith, began to let the human yearning for the bailment of spirit, mind and calm, and religion as the beginning of the letter, to respect you, so human beings of all ethnic groups in their establishment of religion, religious teachings for propaganda, used in a variety of image to spread, they follow the time, the regional aesthetic concept, cooperate social thoughts in each layer, folk customs, with different material each modelling, above nature and the reality, to sink in, let viewers back, letter, worship, and the immortality of the religious function is everlasting, and new and new.

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